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Most Beautiful Places in Pokhara That are Worth Visiting[2019]

Pokhara is indeed one of the beautiful city in Nepal due to its rich natural beauty. It is the major tourism hub spot. Among the most popular city of Nepal, Pokhara presents the real beauty of Nepal with the view of the Himalayas range, beautiful lakes, and a lot more beautiful places. Even more, it is widely popular for trekking, boating, rafting and extreme sports like bungee jump, canoeing, and paragliding.

Pokhara is just around 200 km away from Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu, on the other hand, is a culturally rich city with a wide range of cultural heritage and religious places. Meanwhile, for international tourist from the airport you can fly directly to Pokhara. The travel time is approximately 40 minutes. Similarly, you can travel via bus too. Since buses are easily available for day/night. It can take around 7 hours to reach from Kathmandu. After getting there you can feel the great beauty of the city. You can stay around the best available accommodation near Pokhara city as per your choice.  

Did you know?

Pokhara is renowned for the “city of seven lakes”. Seven of stunningly beautiful lake namely Dipang Lake, Begnas Lake, Rupa Lake, Maidi Lake, Khaste Lake, Gunde Lake, and the most popular Phewa Lake resides at the heart of the city. Approximately across the globe, more than 7,00,000 tourists visit Pokhara annually.

Favorable Season to Visit Pokhara

As the monsoon disappears in September, October and November are two favorite months to visit. During the month it can be a lot easier for trekkers due to its dryness. Meanwhile, it offers a clear view of Himalayan ranges and the beauty of Pokhara. As most rainfall place in Nepal, Pokhara receives heavy rainfall from May to August. The true beauty of  Pokhara can’t be felt with a few times. Beautiful places, beautiful lakes, a great view of Himalayan range and familiar people are some of the essences of the city. Once is not enough.

Here we came across the list of highly rated places you shouldn't miss when you are staying at Pokhara:

Davis Falls

It is one of the major tourist attraction spots in Pokhara. This marvelous waterfall cascades down at the south side of the Phewa lake in Pokhara. It is in the gorge of the Seti river. It is an area known for its beauty and tranquility and the legend of Devi’s fall add a touch of mystery to this site.

Most amazing places davis fall pokhara

Image: Amazing Cascade ’s around Davis Falls, Pokhara

You can visit this site at any time at it is open on days of the week. The best time to visit this site is during monsoon season as the volume of the water increased significantly. There are tons of great accommodation and hotels nearby.

Bat Cave(Chamero Gufa)

As the name suggests in Nepali version “Chamero”, a bat cave is way more popular across the country. Whenever people travel around the city, the majority of people have visited the cave. There is the habitats of the bats over the cave's wall and the ceilings.

bat cave chamero gufa pokhara

Image: Inside the view of Bat Cave, Pokhara, Nepal

Apart from its attraction, it is also rich in greenery as the surroundings of the cave is covered by the forest. After having a trek to a Mahendra cave and bat cave you can get adjust around the place nearby. Here is the possible nearest hotel to the bat cave.

Begnas Lake

Located in the southeast of the Pokhara valley. The lake is the third largest lake of Nepal and surrounded by a great scenic view of Himalayas and hills. With its freshness of the water, boating, fishing, and swimming are some of the major activities to get into, the bonus being surrounding green mountains. After getting back from lake check into the highly rated Begnas Lake Front Guest House with lovely views of lake and Himalayas.

begnas lake pokhara

Image: Immaculate Lake View, Begnas Lake, Pokhara

Phewa Lake

One of the most visited spots in Nepal. Phewa lake has its own significance. The second largest lake in the country, it is extremely famous due to its immaculate environment and great scenic view. The Barahi Temple which is based on an island in the lake, and the mirror-like reflections of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Machhapuchhre in its waters. Stay at the delightful hotels with great accommodation in the nearby Phewa lake.

stunning phewa lake

Image: Phewa Lake with an amazing view of Annapurna Range


Situated at the north side of Pokhara city, Sarangkot is famous for its scenic mountain view and paragliding. Even more, a moment of sunrise and sunset view can be visually appealing for anyone who wants to freshen their day. The village is located on Sarangkot mountain at an altitude of 1600m and is renowned for its panoramic Himalayan views of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Manaslu as well as Pokhara city and Phewa lake at the bottom. In recent years, Sarangkot has become a hotspot for paragliding. After having a great time over there you can stay at most possible nearest hotels and accommodation nearby Sarangkot.

Image result for sarangkot paragliding

Image: Extreme people go paragliding at Sarangkot, Pokhara 

Shanti Stupa(Peace Pagoda)

Located at the heart of Pokhara, Shanti stupa is a Buddhist pagoda style monument lies in the Kaski district of Nepal. In English, Shanti Stupa means Peace Pagoda. It was built as a symbol of peace. Situated at the height of 1100 meters on the Anadu Hill, Shanti stupa has become a major attraction for tourist.

Image result for shanti stupa pokhara

Image: Panoramic Himalayan View From Shanti Stupa Pokhara

Standing at the topmost of Shanti Stupa, you can enjoy the real beauty of nature. Even more from the top of the stupa, you see a spectacular view during sunrise and sunset. It provides a panoramic view of Annapurna range, while Pokhara city and Phewa Lake at the bottom.

Shanti Stupa is a perfect spot for those who want to feel the true beauty of nature while hanging around at Pokhara. It is one of the hidden gems you shouldn’t miss around the city. TripAdvisor has ranked Shanti Stupa as the second top attraction spot of Pokhara. Don't be worried about the hotels and accommodation near the places. Here are the topmost available and highly rated hotels.

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Nepal is the land blessed with natural beauty. It is the second largest country rich in water resources. Nepal has wide range of geographical topography with the beauty of various rivers, lakes and ponds. Most of the rivers originate from the range of Himalayan/ Mountains. 

Nepal is the most loved destination of tourists all around the world. It is the auspicious land of peace where Lord Gautam Buddha was born in. Also it is the birth place of Hindu Goddess Sita.
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Today, when the cultural boundaries in almost every part of the world are steadily diluting, this fascinating Dragon Kingdom is credited to successfully retaining its distinct cultural entity in a genuinely original form.

Bhutan – the mythical Land of the Peaceful Dragon is as much known for its dramatic landscapes, architecture and fabulous bio-diversity as for its rich and colorful cultural heritage. Every facet of Bhutanese culture is unique, distinct and different, or say – very special and exotic. Being a staunch Buddhist country, the socio-cultural life, art, crafts and traditions to architecture, every aspect of Bhutan is greatly influenced by religion.


Amejman welcomes Bhutan in the united effort to integrate properties all around the world to ensure best accommodation facilities for all the travellers.

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Travel to Bhutan

Today, when the cultural boundaries in almost every part of the world are steadily diluting, this fascinating Dragon Kingdom is credited to successfully retaining its distinct cultural entity in a genuinely original form.

Bhutan is best known to the world today as the last Shangri-La. The few visitors who make the rare journey into this extraordinary kingdom will discover that there is no other destination like this land of pure and exotic mysticism. In this country known as Druk Yul, or the ‘Land of the Peaceful Dragon’, the fortunate visitor will find a rare combination of harmony and accord, amidst a landscape of incredible natural beauty.

Bhutan – the mythical Land of the Peaceful Dragon is as much known for its dramatic landscapes, architecture and fabulous bio-diversity as for its rich and colorful cultural heritage. Every facet of Bhutanese culture is unique, distinct and different, or say – very special and exotic. Being a staunch Buddhist country, the socio-cultural life, art, crafts and traditions to architecture, every aspect of Bhutan is greatly influenced by religion.

Here, the awe-inspiring valleys and passes, daunting heights of the countless Himalayan mountains, sprawling glaciers and huge moraines, stupendous waterfalls and crystal-clear lakes, deep gorges and seemingly unending series of beautiful valleys, verdant slopes and vast undulating flower studded meadows, dense forests and scrub jungles vividly illustrate the varying moods, modes and chores of mother nature. As of now, this Himalayan wonderland is fast emerging as a favored destination of the discerning travelers, especially those interested in experiencing its unique and distinctive culture, hard and soft trekking, wildlife watching, rural and eco-tourism.

Bhutan is a true nature lovers’ dream because it has a diverse flora and fauna. Add to that the greenery and the snow peaked mountains and the unpolluted fresh air and surrounding.

The economy of Bhutan is mainly based on agriculture and forestry, which provide the main livelihood to more than 60% of the population. Agriculture largely consists of farming and animal husbandry.

Cultural Heritage:

While Bhutan is one of the smallest countries in the world, its cultural diversity and richness are profound. As such, strong emphasis is laid on the promotion and preservation of its unique culture. By protecting and nurturing Bhutan’s living culture its believed that it will help guard the sovereignty of the nation.



Traditional Bhutanese eating habits are simple and in general, food is eaten with hands. Family members eat while sitting cross legged on the wooden floor with food first being served to the head of the household. It is usually women who serve the food and in most cases, the mother. Before eating, a short prayer is offered and a small morsel placed on the floor as an offering to the local spirits and deities.A typical Bhutanese meal consists of rice, a dish of ema datshi (dish of chilli and cheese), pork, beef curry or lentils.



One of the most distinctive features of the Bhutanese is their traditional dress, unique garments that have evolved over thousands of years.Men wear the Gho, a knee-length robe somewhat resembling to Kimono that is tied at the waist by a traditional belt known as kera.Women wear the Kira, a long ankle – length dress accompanied by a light outer jacket known as tego with an inner layer known as wonju.


Festival in Bhutan

Bhutan is rich in cultural diversity and this richness is further enhanced by the wide variety of elaborate and colorful religious festivals that are celebrated throughout the country. Every village is known for their unique festival though the most widely known is the annual tshechu, an annual religious festival.Tsechu is a festival in honor of Guru Padmasambhava – “ the one who was born from a lotus flower”, popularly known as Guru Rinpoche “ the precious teacher”. This Indian saint contributed enormously to the diffusion of Tantric Buddhism in the Himalayan regions of Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan around the year 800 A.D. He is the founder of Nyingmapa, the “old school” of Lamaism which still has numerous followers. The biography of Guru Rinpoche is highlighted by 12 episodes on the model of Buddha Sakyamuni’s life. Each episode is commemorated once a year on the 10th day of a particular month. The dates and duration vary from one district to another, but they always take place on or around the 10th day of a month according to the Bhutanese calendar.

During Tsechus, the dances are performed by monks as well as by laymen. Tsechu is considered as a religious festival in Bhutan and by attending it, it is believed that one gains merits. It is also a yearly social gathering where people come to rejoice dressed in their finery.

Art and craft:

An essential part of Bhutan’s cultural heritage are the thirteen traditional arts and crafts that have been practiced from time immemorial. These arts were formally categorized during the reign of Gyalse Tenzin Rabgay, the fourth temporal rural of Bhutan.

The thirteen forms of traditional arts and crafts is known as Zorig Chosum (Zo means “to make”, rig means “science” and chosum means “thirteen”).

The thirteen art forms are, woodwork, stone work, sculpture, carving, painting, black smithy, silver/gold smithy, fabric weaving, embroidery/applique, bamboo and cane craft, paper making, masonryand leather work.

How will I get support in b2b?

Amejman provides support to B2b agents by issuing tickets. The procedure of getting support is given below:

  • Go to the B2b dashboard.
  • Click on support.
  • Provide the subject and your problem on the text box.
  • Your problem will be addressed and solved afterwards.


The ticket you have issued will be displayed below on the display bar. The ticket will have three status: open, processing and closed.

The open status refers to the fact that ticket has been issued and will be viewed for the support soon.

The processing status refers to the fact that the ticket is viewed and action to provide support to the problem is being proceeded.

The closed status refers to the fact that the problem has been addressed and solved.


How to view the latest property I have visited in b2b?

Amejman has the feature to review the latest property visited in Amejman's site (i.e. This feature helps to get back to the latest five property you have visited previously and you can also book the property through it.

Dashboard-view latest

On the user Dashboard, click on latest views tab to view the latest property visited.

How to change the booking I have made in b2b?

The procedure to change the booking in B2b module is given below:

  • Go to the B2b dashboard.
  • Click on booking history tab.
  • The details of the booking you had made will appear.
  • Click on the 'More detail' button to view the reference id and booking information in more detail.
  • Click on 'Change Booking' button.
  • Then you can successfully change the booking you have made.

How to load online balance in b2b?

B2b Partner could easily load their balance in Amejman's system through the dashboard. Partner could simply click on the balance tab on the left hand side of the dashboard. Agent can load the amount up to USD 999,999.

The procedure to load the balance in B2b module is given below:

- Go to the B2b dashboard.

- Click on balance.

- Click on commission tab.

- Enter the amount of commission you are about to load in main balance and click on load balance.

- You will be directed to the online payment section through which you could load the balance.

- Provide the card details and pay the amount then your balance will be successfully loaded.

How to be B2b Partner?

To be a b2b partner, visitor must create an account on B2B Module in
After that, an email of account verification with verification link will be send to the email address of the account holder. Account holder should verify his/her account by clicking the link provided on the email. After that, account holder should provide his personal as well as organization's detail in the user dashboard section.
Amejman's team will also verify the account holder if he has provided sufficient document to be a B2B Agent or not. Then, finally account holder will be recognized as b2b agent of Amejman

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  4. How do we use your information?

    We use the information we collect from you when you sign up or book rooms to make a valid invoice so as to give unhindered experience to our customers.

  5. How do we protect your information?

    We regularly scan our system and prioritize security to enhance privacy.

    • We use an SSL certificate

      because monetary transactions are initialized by our site. We use SCT, visa, master card, credit card, e-sewa, etc for transactions. Their conditions apply in this aspect.

    • Third-party disclosure

      We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your Personally Identifiable Information.

    • Third-party links

      Occasionally, at our discretion, we may include or offer third-party products or services on our website. These third-party sites have separate and independent privacy policies. We therefore have no responsibility or liability for the content and activities of these linked sites. Nonetheless, we seek to protect the integrity of our site and welcome any feedback about these sites.

    • Google

      We have not enabled Google AdSense on our site

Career at Amejman

Amejman provides a wide scope of opportunities in the field of Marketing. Persons interested in the area of marketing can drop their resume on

HR Department will view the resume and contact the interested candidates.

How can I track the location of the hotels I have booked?

The hotels on Amejman are pinned on the google map. You can track the location of hotels through the nearby places' information and options provided on the property descriptions itself or through the help of google map.

What is our B2B model?

B2B (Business to Business) model refers to the online transaction between two businesses. You can be the part of our B2B model and book the accommodation rooms through the B2B platform we provide. You could register your details and after the verification of you as an authorized person, you could be the part of Amejman's B2B model.

How can I be an agent?

You can be the part of our B2B model and book the accommodation rooms through the B2B platform we provide. You could register your details and after the verification of you, as an authorized person, you could be the part of Amejman's B2B model.

How can I get the offer?

You can subscribe Amejman. Amejman will provide you the available new offers and discounts on the mail.