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B2B Partnership

B2B (Business to Business) is the exchange of products, services or information between businesses, rather than between businesses and consumers. B2B are an individual person or an independently owned, values based small business. Amejman works across most industries and sectors internationally, and is committed to help the clients grow.


In the beginning of your private venture, you may think that it is less demanding and more financially savvy to do everything yourself. As you develop, you'll likely need the assistance of a business-to-business (B2B) partner or accomplice to achieve assignments like reaching the properties of all the places, reaching the best holiday packages for your clients, etc. Be that as it may, you can't simply make an arrangement with the main vendor you go over.


Grab the opportunity to be the partner of Amejman and have the easy accessibility to book the hotels in Amejman for your clients and earn commission amount. Experience the best hotel booking site with large number of property, an easy booking system, covering a wide area, involving properties from all the corners of the world. Amejman has huge network of energetic marketing officers who travel around the places and ensure the best properties are associated with Amejman.


You can earn commission and incentives as a b2b partner. Amejman provides an access point to its B2B Partner to book the properties at the places your guest would like to stay at. Moreover, being a b2b partner, after booking the property for your guests, you do not need to worry about the further procedures; Amejman will look after to ensure that the hosting of guests is according to the service stated by the property.


To be a b2b partner of Amejman you need to go to the link . It will lead you to the b2b platform where you can sign up with your email and password. After certain procedure of your verification as an authentic b2b user or person, you will be welcomed as b2b partner of Amejman.  

Register yourself as b2b partner of Amejman soon




Create your website in Low Cost with Amejman

Are you thinking of creating your own website in an affordable price? Amejman provides you the wonderful website with all the features of booking and content management.

Website design is the first step of attracting the users. Hence, for any business their websites and its design are more important. Website Design is the one kind of procedure to arranging, creation, and refreshing of websites. Website development additionally includes data engineering, website structure, UI (User Interface), website format, colors, contrasts, text styles and symbolism (photography) just as icon plan.

The most important part in creating website is its domain name. The domain name is a necessity for the health and longevity of your website, therefore its price must always be factored into your budget when planning a website. Amejman provides you the website development along with domain registration, website hosting server and security in most reasonable and affordable price. You can experience the most fast and easy service of the website development.

Be booking engine partner with Amejman and develop your own website at $150 only including $50 for https security. Amejman extracts the details of your property from and creates your own website. You can add more features in the site through hotel admin. You can also solely promote and share your website. For that, at first, you need to register your property in Amejman. After the verification of your property, property owners will be provided the admin log in details through which property owner can access the admin panel. There on the admin panel, on the left hand side, you can see the tab – Booking engine partner. Click on the tab and there you can request for the website with the minimum cost.


After you have provided the request, we will contact you for the further procedures.

Also, if you already have your own website, you can be the booking engine partner of Amejman by integrating the booking widget provided by Amejman to your own website. Moreover, you will receive certain amount of commission by the Amejman as per the contract.


If you have further inquiry, you can contact us through admin inbox, direct email us or contact us on +977 01-5705548 / +65 9149 2114

Be The Affiliate Partner Of Amejman

Amejman has extended its network in wide area through the introduction of affiliate marketing program. Affiliate program involves two or more parties who work together in conjunction to provide certain level of benefit to each other. Affiliate program helps to reach the untapped market around the world. WWW (World Wide Web) has bounded the world into a small and easily accessible network, and affiliate program helps to reach all the travellers around the world, through any website.

Definitely, presentation is vital to any part of a showcasing system. Being associated with affiliate partners is benefitting Amejman by having the properties and services waited for the online world to see. Also, by remaining present on suitable sites or trusted websites, Amejman's introduction is increasing exponentially by remaining tuned in to the right, demographics.

Additionally, exposure also enables to develop an image and brand name. That enables us to leave an enduring impact on customers and travellers around the world that will bound them to make their planned trip possible through Amejman. Also, in light of the fact that it leaves an enduring impression, which implies it is probably going to be spread to others through the Internet and even through word of mouth.

You may be wondering how being affiliate partner will help you. Well, there are numerous advantages of being an affiliate. The primary advantage is rapidly expanding your earning potential from the guests to your website with next to zero expense and exertion. Joining an affiliate program is free and simple which can be done easily, quickly and effectively through a speedy online enlistment process. All you need is a website and some space in your site to post the widget provided to you. You can easily post the widget of Amejman booking search box on your website through basic HTML learning. It takes no time and effort; and you can be benefitted from the visitors of your website, leading you to earn additional revenue by supplying the traffic of audience to Amejman. All you need to do is sign up as an affiliate partner of Amejman through the link provided. Being a member doesn't require any skill or master in any Online Travel Agency or Amejman's booking system. Moreover, you can earn certain amount of commission for the booking made by the traffic of audience from your website. To learn more about commission rates and procedures you can contact our team.

Affiliate partner shall not worry about the bookings, order made or about payments and proceedings or invoices. Since, this will be all done and managed by Amejman itself. Another advantage of being an affiliate partner is that it's generally a zero or very low risk opportunity to win extra income for your business. Moreover, Amejman's affiliate partner is not liable to deal with clients or complaints as everything from the purpose of offer is taken care of by Amejman.

Amejman will more often give incredible help to the affiliate partners through the refreshing widgets and advancements to expand and maximize the earning potential for the two gatherings.


Interested world wide web users can be the part of the affiliate program by clicking the link below:

How to load offline balance in b2b?

You can load the balance to the b2b account offline through bank deposit or remittance as well. After actual deposit in the bank or through remittance, the procedure to load commission to main balance in B2b module offline is given below:

  • Go to the B2b dashboard.
  • Click on bank deposit slip or remittance, which ever method you have used to pay the amount
  • Provide the field details.
  • Upload the deposit slip or remittance slip.
  • Click on submit.
  • Your balance will be loaded as soon as the authentication of payment is done.

How to load commission to main balance in b2b?

The procedure to load commission to main balance in B2b module is given below:

  • Go to the B2b dashboard.
  • Click on balance.
  • Enter the commission amount you would like to load back in main balance in US Dollar.
  • Enter the amount you are about to load and click on load balance.
  • Then your commission will be successfully loaded.

How to load online balance in b2b?

B2b Partner could easily load their balance in Amejman's system through the dashboard. Partner could simply click on the balance tab on the left hand side of the dashboard. Agent can load the amount up to USD 999,999.

The procedure to load the balance in B2b module is given below:

- Go to the B2b dashboard.

- Click on balance.

- Click on commission tab.

- Enter the amount of commission you are about to load in main balance and click on load balance.

- You will be directed to the online payment section through which you could load the balance.

- Provide the card details and pay the amount then your balance will be successfully loaded.